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24 VDC-Typ

This version is designed for continuous operation on 24 VDC.
The following operating modes are possible:

Depending on the lighting controller used and the highest available output/flash voltage, the flash current can be increased by a maximum factor of 2 to 3 in this combination in order to remain within the permitted voltage range of the output/flash voltage of max. 50 V to remain.

SC-Typ / SCP-Typ

This version, optimized for flash operation, can also be used for switched or brightness-controlled or continuous operation.  A lighting controller, e.g. the IPSC/HPSC series or Gardasoft, is required for operation.

Due to the low impedance design, the SC-/SCP version is particularly suitable for maximum impedance in flash operation, as compared to the 24 VDC types, output/flash voltages in the usual range up to a maximum of 50 V can be used. As a result, the maximum lightning current is typically well above factor 2-3.

Dauerbetrieb / DC-Betrieb

Continuous operation of the luminaire on a normal, regulated power supply (or lighting controller) without time restriction.

Applicable luminaire types:
24V type, in connection with lighting controller also SC-/SCP type

Geschalteter DC-Betrieb

Targeted switching on and off of the luminaire at specific times via e.g. PLC, opto-relay or lighting controller. For example, the average power can also be reduced or the service life further increased.

Applicable luminaire types:
24V type, in connection with lighting controller also SC-/SCP type

Helligkeitsgesteuerter Betrieb / gesteuerter Konstantstrombetrieb

Control of the operating current or voltage via e.g. lighting controllers or adjustable power supplies to vary the intensity of the lighting.

Applicable luminaire types:
24V type, in connection with lighting controller also SC-/SCP type


Operation of the luminaire with excessive operating current on a lighting controller with very short switch-on times (typically <1ms).

Applicable luminaire types:
SC-/SCP-type (optimal), 24V-type (limited)

IP-Schutz und Gehäusetechnik

Due to new manufacturing processes, we can optionally produce many of our product families with high IP protection.


We use almost exclusively aluminum to ensure very good heat transfer and because we can thus combine robustness with low weight.


As a standard we use 4-pole M8 sensor connectors, for RGB luminaires or multi-channel systems also 6-pole M8 or 8-pole miniature circular connectors. For very small luminaires, the M5 sensor plug is also used. Other plugs on request.

Frontabdeckungen / Diffusoren / Polfilter

For many of our luminaires we offer a wide range of different and exchangeable front covers or diffusers and polarizing filters to additionally influence the optical properties.

Vorteile der LED-Technik
Vorteile der LED-Technik

LEDs are easy to control and flash and can be switched on/off as often and quickly as required without any negative influences. They have no thermal radiation in the light cone and offer high luminous efficiency and long service life. They are also available in a wide variety of spectral, optical and mechanical properties.
In this way, a wide range of tasks can be solved with reliable technology.


It describes the angle at which each individual LED emits light. Typical angles are between e.g. 15° and 120°. Small angles mean highly directional light and high intensity even at longer distances. Larger angles result in softer light and homogeneous illumination even at shorter distances.


The available color spectrum ranges from UV (e.g. 365nm) to different white (e.g. cool white, warm white) and the classic colors (blue, green, yellow and red from 400 to 700nm) to IR (850, 880 up to 950nm).


LEDs in UV or deep blue open up new possibilities in a wide range of applications. Contact us!

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